Standard Web Banner Sizes

Posted on 13 June 2013 by admin.

In this article we’ll let you in on the various standard web banner sizes you can use to create your web banners. You may be wondering why stick to using standard sizes. Well, web banners are normally used on websites other than your own, to drive traffic to your website, and these websites usually have standard sized advertising spaces. So the main reason for you to to use standard sizes is so that the banners you create fit neatly in the advertising spaces of the websites they will appear on. A quick word of warning, although standard web banner sizes are commonly used, always check with the website owner as to the web banner sizes they will accept before creating your web banner(s). Some website owners may allow you custom sized web banner sizes.

Web Banner Size in Pixels (Width x Height)

  • 468px x 60px
  • 728px x 90px
  • 336px x 280px
  • 300px x 250px
  • 250px x 250px
  • 160px x 600px
  • 120px x 600px
  • 120px x 240px
  • 240px x 400px
  • 234px x 60px
  • 180px x 150px
  • 125px x 125px
  • 120px x 90px
  • 120px x 60px
  • 88px x 31px

You may be pleased to hear that we at Custel Design can create standard sized and custom sized banners for your marketing and advertising requirements. Click here to find out how we can help.

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